Introducing the Capital Preservation Process

Unbiased. Uncompromised. Uncomplicated.

Investment philosophy

We believe investment portfolios should be structured in a way that minimizes risk without compromising growth. To accomplish these goals, we adhere to a hybrid philosophy that combines two strategies. On the one hand, we employ tactical asset allocation, a moderately active approach that rebalances holdings in various categories to take advantage of strong market sectors. This is in contrast to the strictly passive “buy and hold” strategies that were once popular.

We then add a layer of permanent portfolio theory, which was developed in the 1970s by Harry Browne.

At its core, permanent portfolio theory holds that, if investments are spread evenly across stocks, precious metals, government bonds and cash, they can achieve positive returns while suffering very modest volatility — under any economic conditions.

Investment approach

Preserving capital, while also realizing growth and providing income, requires precise planning and research. We employ a distinct process to assess every eligible security across a range of asset classes that we would contemplate investing in.

Capital Preservation Portfolio

These principled methodologies combine to form our Capital Preservation Portfolios, which invest in diversified assets including growth equities, long-term fixed-income securities, gold, silver and other precious metals funds — even cash — to maximize safety, minimize volatility and, at the same time, generate cash flow for the investor.

The Capital Preservation Process provides a total wealth approach to portfolio management for unbiased, uncompromised and uncomplicated solution.