Dividend Growth Portfolio

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The fundamental investment objectives of the portfolio are to provide long term capital growth, coupled with tax efficient Canadian dividends by investing in a well diversified portfolio of high quality common shares.


Investment strategy

To achieve the portfolio's investment objectives we invest primarily in Canadian common shares. The portfolio is managed to generate yield from dividends that is in excess of the TSX dividend yield. 

We generally look for companies that offer an attractive current yield combined with the following characteristics:

  • a sound financial position
  • a high level of profitability compared to other companies in their industry
  • strong earnings and dividend growth
  • a reasonable valuation


We do not use market timing or industry timing strategies in the management of the portfolios.



Performance returns are based on actual representative accounts. Please note that past performance is not necessarily an indicator of future performance. The indicated rates of return are gross of fees. Individual results of clients' portfolios may differ from that of the representative portfolios as fees may differ, and performance of specific accounts is based on specific account investiture.
The noted representative portfolios may not be appropriate for all investors.