Our vision

Helping clients understand change and demographics

We clarify your goals and expectations and construct optimized portfolios that meet your changing needs over time. By understanding our economy and population, we are quick to grasp change in the marketplace so we can capitalize on current trends and future opportunities.

Stocks and the economy are interconnected: you cannot study one without understanding the other. Many advisors spend all their time researching companies without delving into the big picture: demographics. Population trends impact the economy. In reality, the success of the companies whose stocks you own only accounts for 20% of your portfolio’s effectiveness, while factors influencing the market and sector actually account for 80%.

Businesses and the marketplace change constantly, and advisors must do the same. To keep abreast of what’s new, I belong to a leading industry panel run by a top US economist that connects me to top researchers. Their objective viewpoints help me educate clients about how change in the markets affects their investments so they understand why things happen and are more likely to make informed decisions.

With discipline and dedication, I watch the markets attentively and maintain the highest standards of integrity, consistency and reliability to earn my clients' trust. Expect the finest investment advice, whether you require transactional stock selection or comprehensive wealth management advice.

Our investment philosophy is based on three main tenets:

  1. Focusing on absolute returns (0%), rather than relative returns measured solely against an index.
  2. Using stop loss targets and active management to protect capital. They ensure that we don’t become emotionally attached to investments that don’t work out.
  3. Moving to treasury bills when necessary. If the market is weak, we maintain a significant cash position. When market risk is low or normal, we remain fully invested.

Our partnership process:

  1. Learn your financial goals and needs, for today and for the future. Some clients depend on us for stock selection input; others are very independent.
  2. Educate you on how to reach your goals. We listen and help you to understand the market.
  3. Create strong, well-balanced portfolios and co-ordinate our plans with those of your other brokers and financial advisors.
  4. Monitor your portfolio on an ongoing daily basis, suggesting changes as necessary.
  5. Provide wealth management advice when required.
  6. Report regularly to make sure we are on track. Our monthly online newsletter keeps you up to date with our news and views. At all times, we remain accessible.