Feedback is very important to us, as we constantly strive to improve our service and deliver better outcomes for the clients we work with!

The following excerpts are from emails sent to Peter from two of his clients:


"On the way home we discussed how, of all the ‘Money Managers’ we’ve had, none has ever given us the level of confidence that our savings are being managed as well as they are with you. Proof of this is reflected in the growth we are experiencing. Not only are you doing a great job with our money, you manage to explain your process and philosophy in terms that provide us with a complete understanding of why the portfolio is structured and positioned the way it is. It is also important for us to be part of the process and you have made this possible at all times. Given all this, please be assured that you have our complete confidence and we look forward to a long relationship together."

— A. M., Entrepreneur


“I like the fact that both (Peter and Pina) are always ready to help with good and straightforward answers to my questions; I like their really professional attitude, first, obviously, with regard to satisfying their clients' needs in the best way possible, but also in their endeavors to make the best decisions for those clients; and I like that they work as a team so that the client never feels out of the loop.”

— Dr. K.S., Retired