Business owners present a unique and interesting challenge for wealth management.

It is very common that business owners will rely upon the assets of the business to fund their retirement, and quite typically the business also funds their lifestyle during the working years. Our team has the expertise to build a strong foundation to ensure maximum return on the transfer of the business assets when the owner chooses to leave, regardless of the type of transfer.

Once engaged, we will learn about the present business, as well as the owner's intention upon exit, be that a transfer to the next generation, an internal transfer to key employees or existing partners, public or private sale or even liquidation. We also help put a plan in place to determine the owners needs post-exit to ensure that these needs can be satisfied as well as possibly through the sale, while ensuring a comfortable post-exit life.

Investment Management

Markets are uncertain, but our investment strategy isn't.

We take into account the needs of the individual shareholders when managing the portfolio of a holding or operating company. Many opportunities present themselves when managing a companies assets and through these we can help business owners have a successful investing experience.

Tax Planning

By working with your corporate accountant and other industry experts, our team can help ensure that your risk management strategy complies with CRA standards and legislation, while reducing corporate tax burden and optimizing earning potential. Our in house team of tax experts has the experience to assist with tax issues in both Canada and the US.

Group Benefits

We have the ability to manage corporate group benefits through our highly skilled partnerships and would be happy to provide a review of your existing program.

Business Exit Planning

Exit Planning is the creation and execution of a well-defined strategy which will allow an individual owner or group of business owners to exit their business on their terms while providing an opportunity to protect their interests, create viability for the vision of their company and provide optimal value at the time of sale or transfer.

Business Exit Planning may take the form of internal succession to family members and/or employees, or sale to an external party through a public offering, private sale or merger.
The process builds value the sooner it is initiated, although the value may not become transparent until the time of transfer. The plan offers the opportunity to increase share value, attract more diverse purchaser interest and prepare the new owners for the transition.

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