Gregory | Wei Wealth Counsel team

Our why

Why do we advise people as we do?  Why do we care?

Our motivations are deeply-rooted in our uniquely personal experiences. In our roles as wealth advisors, we gain a tremendous amount of personal and professional satisfaction from helping people to achieve a series of lifelong goals, both financial and personal. Our connection to our clients sets us apart, read on to learn about who we are and what makes us tick.

Neil Gregory, CFA
Director, Wealth Management, Portfolio Manager

There are a number of reasons why I love my job as a wealth advisor. First, I am blessed with two parents, each very different, who have taught me important lessons. My dad was my business mentor and taught me to work within a team, to develop my teammate skills and my own, and to confidently step up and be a leader. He had a picture in his office of a big African lion with the caption “The Customer is King”. That has stuck with me.

My mom was my emotional mentor and in many ways is the biggest driver of my “why.” For her, friends are family and everyone else is a potential friend. She would do more for others than she would ever think to do for herself. I am incredibly proud of her and want to be remembered as she will be. I want to make an impact in people’s lives, to resonate over time, and to be a part of my friends’ families as well. 

Having followed my dad into banking after university, I learned that money is just a tool, and some people are better tradespeople than others. I discovered I enjoyed working with clients who wanted to use their wealth to empower their goals, whether they be for their business, family or in pursuit of a philanthropic passion.

Many of them are clients today, but more than that, they are my friends. I know their kids and grandkids, their hopes, fears, dreams, and stresses. My role is to work with families to help them navigate what can be a very complex world of investments, tax and risk management. I strive to show them how to use those tools we have helped them develop (the investment portfolios) to build and realize those hopes and dreams with minimal impact of fear and stress. 

The work that I do today with families has a ripple effect that will hopefully extend for generations to come. That’s important to me. We’ve also built our own business succession plan to mirror this future impact and to be able to continue working with families across generations. If we do this right, we’ll leave a legacy of goodwill and, more importantly, I’ll have a lot of great people that I consider family.

Stanley Wei, CIM®, CFP®
Director, Wealth Management, Portfolio Manager

My “why” has evolved over time, but the underpinnings have never changed – my love for people, my interest in getting to know them, and my drive to help them reach their ultimate personal aspirations in life.

The foundation of my “why” is rooted in the collective teachings of my loving parents. Their story is not unlike many immigrants’ who moved to Canada to start a new life in foreign surroundings. Hard work, perseverance, and patience were all important touchstones to describe the journey they had to endure to build a modest life for our family.

The biggest and deepest mark my parents left on me were the lessons on integrity, respect, and honesty. As explained to me, these are the “goal posts” you must live by, think by, and act by in all aspects of your life all the time. Over and over again there are examples that once these the limits of these standards are compromised, everything will fall to pieces. As a fiduciary of people’s hard earned money, upholding these ‘goal posts’ are of paramount of importance and priority.

For me, there is no better feeling of personal satisfaction and fulfillment than knowing that, based on my advice, I was able to affect positive change or improve an outcome in a person’s life. I have a strong conviction that wealth management goes beyond just numbers. My role as a wealth advisor is to make a deep and intimate connection with my clients, to understand all the intricacies of their life so that the numbers have purposeful context. I want to empower and guide my clients toward achieving their goals by giving them the tools to run their own race and fulfill their own “why”.