Our Values

Here are the five core values we share at Gregory | Wei Wealth Counsel. They act as guiding principles that drive how we conduct ourselves personally and professionally on a daily basis. Collectively, all five core values must work harmoniously to ensure that there are no compromises in the service to our clients, partners, and community.

These values are important traits that all investors should demand when partnering with a trusted and reputable wealth management team. Consistently adhering to these core values will build a foundation upon which trust can be earned and nurtured over time into a meaningful and symbiotic relationship.

Partnership. We work collaboratively and respectfully with each other and our clients to achieve mutually beneficial goals.

Honesty. We uphold the highest ethical and moral standards with ourselves, each other and our clients in all circumstances.

Accountability. We work with personal integrity and responsibility in pursuit of individual, team, and client goals.

Creativity. We seek fresh, innovative and unexpected outcomes to common and unique challenges and circumstances.

Service. We care sincerely about our clients’ wellbeing and strive to exceed their expectations in the delivery of all services.

A successful relationship starts with the promise of clearly-defined core values.