Our vision

Disciplined, sophisticated investing

Financial success comes through thoughtful planning, patience and discipline. My partnership with you is built on a foundation of trust, honesty and integrity. We all work together to ensure that your needs are satisfied or exceeded. My goal is to achieve absolute returns with low volatility rather than relative outperformance, to preserve your capital for the long term, regardless of market conditions.

My approach is essentially that of a risk manager. I tend to look at the investing world with an emphasis on protecting your assets in case things go wrong, rather than focusing on high returns at any cost. I employ sophisticated strategies, often utilizing the expertise of very smart third party investment professionals. These have demonstrated low correlation to the markets and/or high tracking errors relative to the markets, either through investing in a combination of long/short positions, rigorous stop loss targets, or other means.

Before making recommendations, I consider risk management measures through my proven risk management process. By properly managing the risk in your portfolio, we can expect returns to follow.

As my client, you can expect passion, commitment, innovation, and partnership.