Our services

Solutions for businesses and families

Following my disciplined, process-driven wealth advisory process, I can offer assistance with family financial planning, income and asset protection, retirement planning, philanthropy, estate planning, business succession planning, and investing. Investing the necessary time to gather an understanding of your individual needs, I create the most appropriate, efficient and effective solutions possible based on your holistic, complete, customized financial plan. I build client relationships that are open, mutually enjoyable, and long lasting.

Retirement planning: I utilize comprehensive investment and retirement software to determine if clients are on track in reaching both their retirement and investment goals.

Estate planning: Minimizing taxes, preservation of capital, reducing probate fees, and gifting are all part of the efficient estate planning strategies I use.

Insurance: Our experts can assist with life and disability insurance planning, along with other applications for insurance such as wealth accumulation with tax-free compounding outside an RRSP, insured annuities to generate income and preserve capital, and more.

Education programs: Registered Education Savings Plans (RESPs) offer a dedicated savings approach with tax-deferral and the federal government’s Canada Education Savings Grant.

Business succession planning: Consult with me to plan and finance a successful transition for both family-run and public businesses. My comprehensive process assists business owners to plan for the eventual transition out of business management and transfer business ownership upon retirement.

Individual Pension Plans (IPPs): A great tool for business owners, they allow for larger tax deductions and are an excellent way to increase retirement assets and have your company make large tax-deductible contributions. Make a significant tax-deductible contribution at retirement, enjoy safer investment rules and limitations compared to the RRSP, ensure creditor-proofing, plan the succession of your business to family members, and more.