Our vision

Conserving and enhancing capital

Our absolute priority is preserving the assets that have been entrusted to us. Paying strict attention to strategic asset allocation, we invest for a reasonable and consistent rate of return with low volatility, retaining vigilant watch over your capital and diversifying your assets to offset downside potential. We capitalize on the advantages of using professional portfolio managers and pension-style management to maximize the success and cost-effectiveness of your investments.

Minimizing taxes. Through the proactive and informed use of tax-advantaged products, we may be able to provide you with significant tax reductions on both an individual and corporate basis. Just as important as a well diversified investment portfolio is the ability to reduce your tax bill significantly every year. The wealthier you are, the more this is true. I will liaise with your tax accountant to co-ordinate our efforts and obtain all the tax advantages to which you are entitled.

Protecting your family. We can advise you regarding a wide range of registered programs to plan for your family's needs at every stage of life, including RRSPs and RRIFs for retirement and RESPs to help you save for education. Insurance plays an important role in protecting your family. I am a fully licensed insurance planner, able to arrange full protection. We counsel your entire family, with continuity of service excellence from one generation to the next, respecting sensitivities and the uniqueness of your relationships.

The succession of your business. We assist business owners with substantial assets to pay attention to what will happen to their assets and the taxes that will be owing on their own death.

Great relationships. We have a blueprint for service as a starting point and modify according to your needs: we meet with you at least twice a year to review your portfolio, and call you every quarter. You will be invited to seminars throughout the year. We keep our clientele small and select to provide a high degree of personal attention.