Discretionary management

The discretionary advantage

Portfolio Managed Account (PMA) - Watch Video

Canadian investors are permitted to delegate the daily decision-making regarding security selection and implementation of trading to individuals that are registered as Portfolio Managers. The decision-maker is the one who has the greatest influence over a result; ultimately the individual making the decision is accountable for investment returns.

Investors need to determine if they want professional investment management through a managed account or simply advice regarding their own individual trading decisions.

Delegating the responsibility for daily management of your investment portfolio frees you from the obligation to understand the detail of every security and transaction made in your portfolio, saving you considerable time. Through a managed account the Portfolio Manager is able to act proactively and promptly in your best interest without the logistical problems that may prevent implementation of decisions needed to achieve your financial plan over the long-term.

Individual clients have different asset mixes and different securities that are appropriate, based on their unique situation and Wealth Management Plan. A written Investment Policy Statement will be established for your managed account to provide a framework that clearly outlines your investment parameters and unique goals. The Investment Policy enables the Portfolio manager to take unique preferences into account and to ensure the asset mix and securities implemented are suitable for your specific circumstances.

In addition to the Portfolio Manager, your portfolio is monitored by a professional and experienced risk management group that ensures your interests are foremost, and the details of the Investment Policy Statement are followed.