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How investors should position themselves in regards to oil price?

Gareth Watson, Director of the Investment Management Group at Richardson GMP, shares his view on oil price and how it impacts investors' portfolio.

Watch the interview - 7 min 


Emerging Markets: Best investment opportunities?

We've been keeping a close look on emerging markets development as we continue to believe in their long-term potential. Bhim Asdhir, founder and president of Excel Funds gives a brief overview of the opportunities available.

Watch the interview - 3 min


Is it time to reduce Canada?

Craig Basinger, Chief Investment Officer at Richardson GMP, gives his opinion on the Canadian market in interview with BNN.

Watch the interview - 5 min


Why are investors turning more bearish?

Investors’ sentiment is often a good indicator of where the market is heading. Morgan Stanley’s Vincent Reinhart discusses current sentiment with Bloomberg.

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All investors not as bullish as market suggets

The market is reaching new highs this year. Does that mean that all investors are optimistic? Apparently not. Vinny Catalano, President and Global Investment Strategist with Blue Marble Capital Management, discusses why caution is necessary in the current market environment. 

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Unmentionable: risk in bonds

The investment industry does a poor job of discussing risk in fixed income. There’s often little mention of downside, especially when the economy is strong, and capital is thirsty for yield. Tom Bradley, President, SteadyHand Investment Funds, outlines the unmentionable - the risk in bonds - and how to handle this asset in your portfolios.

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Strategy session: Canada or the US?

The Canadian stock market is far behind our American neighbors since the last three years. Is it reasonable to believe that Canada will also experience its glory days? Brian Belsky, Chief Market Strategist at BMO Capital Market shares is view:

Watch the interview – 4 min 


Is the time right for investing in Europe?

North American markets are expensive, Emerging Markets are volatile. What about European’s sovereign crisis today? Neil Dwane, Chief Investment Officer Equity Europe at Allianz Global Investors, examines the investing opportunities in European markets:

Watch the interview – 7 min


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