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We believe Canadian investors deserve high quality, objective and transparent advice.

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Richardson GMP Asset Management (RAM) is focused on providing investors high-quality, objective and transparent advice. Our longer-term investment strategies are centered around our top-down Market Cycle Framework and provide clients customized and tactical asset allocation services, investment manager selection, ETF strategies and direct portfolio management. We are a division of Richardson GMP, Canada’s largest independent wealth management firm, and currently directly manage in excess of $300 million in assets across a number of North American equity, bond and ETF strategies. 

We focus on long-term wealth building strategies and advice to help reduce volatility and risk. As a firm, we do not believe in swinging for the fences; instead, we believe that managing risk and being opportunistic given market conditions are key tenets of our advice. Advisors and individuals can use our investment strategies holistically or as standalone solutions. We offer a transparent, unbiased approach to asset allocation for a myriad of clients with varying risk tolerances and objectives. Additionally, we manage proprietary solutions by taking a top-down, macro-economic view of the world, identifying investable themes. Then, through fundamental research, we select individual securities that exploit an investable thematic while improving the diversification and risk return profile of the portfolio.