Our guiding principals

At Richardson GMP, our Connected Wealth portfolios are built on high-ideal guiding principles that govern every move we make.

A true partnership.

The only way to create an effective strategy for our clients is to build a true partnership with them. It is through this close relationship that we are able to help our clients achieve their long-term investment goals.

Balanced and diversified.

While we do manage money, we are firm believers in combining multiple managers and ETF strategies.  We believe this more objective approach has greater long term benefits, enabling you to lever quality managers while keeping overall fees lower by incorporating ETFs and in-house managed strategies.   

Openness and transparency.

Far too many investors are denied basic information about costs, tax implications and the nature of their investments. This can create frustration, anxiety and, ultimately, mistrust. We believe that if you turn your hard-earned money over to someone, you deserve to get a say in how it’s being invested and managed.