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Interview in Capital Magazine

The advisors of the Hall O'Brien Wealth Counsel were interviewed by Capital Magazine for their Women's Day Issue. They talk about leveraging tax-reduction strategies in conjunction with investment planning, Richardson GMP's open architecture allowing greater flexibility in the selection of investments for individual client needs and their multi-generational approach to client relationships.

The purpose money serves you is a question only you can answer. How you like to spend your time and your money are decisions only you can make. How to put an effective plan in place to achieve the goals you need your money to finance is one we can answer. 

If you have asked yourself any of the following questions, we can help you find the answers
  • Will I have enough to have the lifestyle I want?
  • Will my money last as long as I need it to?
  • How do I protect what I’ve saved from taxes, risk, and inflation?
  • Can I stop doing what I don’t enjoy and live the life I choose?
  • Will my family be OK if something happens to me?
  • What will the transition out of my business look like?
  • Am I doing everything I can to grow and protect my money?
  • How do I stay on track for the long term with all the conflicting information out there?

As Chartered Accountants turned to wealth management, The Hall O’Brien Wealth Counsel runs a multi-disciplinary practice to help successful executives, business owners and their families like you achieve your vision for prosperity.

All advisors have a duty to ensure investments are suitable for their clients. However, only Portfolio Managers are under fiduciary obligations, required to act in the best interests of their clients. Paula O’Brien and Joelle Hall hold both the CIM® designation1 and Paula is a licensed Portfolio Manager.


1. The Chartered Investment Manager (CIM®) code of ethics requires a CIM (under 2.1): to treat each client with respect, put the client’s interests ahead of their own, and to not exploit a client for personal advantage. 


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Tax & Estate Planning


Learn about strategies to help protect and enhance your wealth from our Tax & Estate Planning professionals.

April 2019 

Best Workplaces 2019
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Federal budget 2019
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Market research


Get the latest market insights and trends from our internal research experts.

13 May 2019
Margin watch
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6 May 2019
The long and short of CAD
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