Client testimonials

Just a sampling of what clients have said about our team.


"After a lifetime of working with financial advisors and watching my fortunes rise and fall with very little big-picture growth or return, I joined Starratt Wealth Management. My parents quickly followed suit. Soon our accountant was making comments like "Your Mom and Dad are finally making some good money on their life savings!" I too am pleased with my reduced risk and greater returns. Starratt Wealth Management is always available, always ready to answer any concern. They're transparent in their dealings and never try to push me in any direction. I'm gently nudging my children in their direction."


"When I went to my attorney, Scott had made a special trip to help me with my will. When my husband passed away I received a beautiful sympathy card. To me he is first-class, a warm-hearted professional and a dear friend. He believes in teamwork, loyalty, friendship and works hard to make it all happen."


"Mark has done a great job for me. He keeps me informed and in the loop. In particular I appreciate that he is as concerned about what I do as he is about managing the finances that will allow me to do what I want to do. He listens to my plans and offers encouragement and good advice. I also appreciate Brenda's very efficient and friendly manner. She is most approachable and does a good job keeping everyone in line – thank you all."


"Most professional, outstanding experience I have ever had, from an amazing group of people. I have total trust in Starratt Wealth Management."


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