Late-summer volatility

Published by Richardson GMP on Sep 03, 2019

This week’s Ethos is our monthly investor strategy entitled “Late-summer volatility”. Topics include a market recap, a cycle update, trade wars, canadian credit, consumer contagion, and portfolio positioning.... Continue reading
Stay the course or be tactical

Published by Richardson GMP on Aug 26, 2019

With markets clearly experiencing a bout of volatility, this week’s Ethos takes a look at whether to be tactical with your asset allocation or remain buy and hold.... Continue reading
To Trade or Not to Trade, That is the Question

Published by Richardson GMP on Aug 13, 2019

As reliable as the trade winds, volatility has returned as we entered August. This week's Ethos is replaced by our Monthly Investor Strategy report. We provide a market recap/forecast along with some deeper looks into manufacturing and energy.... Continue reading
Correction Time?

Published by Richardson GMP on Aug 06, 2019

Well this week’s Ethos required a bit of a re-write given the developments on Monday. In this edition we take a look at how fragile the market has become over the past week including our Correction Watch indicators.... Continue reading
It isn't only the sun shining this summer

Published by Richardson GMP on Jul 29, 2019

This week’s Ethos is all about gold. The yellow metal has finally, after a few years, broken out above $1,400/oz. In this report we share a number of contributing factors and our longer term view/positioning in this sector.... Continue reading
The consumers are alright

Published by Richardson GMP on Jul 22, 2019

The global economic data has continued to soften but the U.S. consumer remains rather resilient and in pretty good shape. This week's Ethos is all about the consumer. ... Continue reading
The fix is in

Published by Richardson GMP on Jul 15, 2019

Sports betters and casino gamblers are always looking for an edge to improve their chances of winning. Investing, however, isn’t gambling but there is a fix you can use to your advantage.... Continue reading
Back half looks tricky

Published by Richardson GMP on Jul 08, 2019

Not a traditional market ethos this week, as instead we focused our efforts on our seven page Investor Strategy report and what to expect in the second half of the year. ... Continue reading
Ready for the second half?

Published by Richardson GMP on Jul 02, 2019

In this week’s Ethos we take a quick look at the year so far, it’s been a good one. Plus a few scenarios for the 2nd half ahead of our Investor Strategy report coming out later this week.... Continue reading