Time to fade the Fed?

Published by Derek Benedet on Apr 15, 2020

Market Ethos – Time to fade the Fed? The S&P 500 just had its best week since 1974, on the back of improving signs in the COVID-19 health data and a little $2.3 trillion stimulus from the Fed. With half the bear market drop recouped, where to next? Our... Continue reading
Markets giveth and taketh

Published by Richardson GMP on Mar 16, 2020

This week’s Ethos is all about the current bear market.  An update on the recent drop, virus, plus thoughts on economic / earnings fallout.  Also included is a dive into what happened to bond ETFs after many separated from their NAVs last week.... Continue reading
Crude, Corona & Corrections

Published by Richardson GMP on Mar 09, 2020

Futures are limit down, yields are almost gone and oil has fallen 20% this morning. In this early morning revised Ethos we provide an update on the markets, oil, the virus, our correction/capitulation indicators and thoughts on portfolio strategy.... Continue reading
Investor Strategy: Air Pocket

Published by Richardson GMP on Mar 02, 2020

Often the most expensive sport in the world to play is ‘bottom fishing’. But it can also be very rewarding. The markets have just experienced the fastest correction in the history of the S&P 500. Find our latest Investor Strategy piece inside.... Continue reading