Money with strings attached

When most people imagine inheriting large sums of money, they envision the lifestyle of their dreams. While significant inheritances can certainly help ease a family's financial outlook, they can also come with unanticipated responsibilities.

Strictures and Structures

Perhaps you have inherited money and are not sure how to manage your new found wealth. Perhaps you are the beneficiary of a trust but cannot access funds until certain criteria are met. Or you may have been charged with administering a foundation and are overwhelmed by the responsibilities associated with overseeing the investments and enhancing assets for future generations. If you are struggling to structure an inheritance plan that will benefit your family and/or the causes you support, you may be finding yourself overwhelmed by the amount of time this takes.

Advice you can trust

No matter what type of inheritance-related challenge you may be facing, expert advice is often needed. The Latremoille Begg Group can help you:

  • Determine how to support the needs of current generations without depleting the assets of future generations.
  • Balance income generation with capital preservation and growth.
  • Assess how much you can reasonably contribute to charitable causes without exhausting your assets.
  • Adhere to the investment management mandates of established trusts or foundations.
  • Manage family inheritances in an unbiased manner that benefits all beneficiaries.
  • Identify and apply any available tax savings strategies.

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Certified for fiduciary excellence

Richardson GMP was the first investment advisory firm in Canada to earn the Centre for Fiduciary Excellence (CEFEX) certification for our Separately Managed and Portfolio Management Account Platforms. This certification is proof that we do what we promise: place our clients’ interest ahead of all else. In this, we are leading the way for the industry.

We are pleased to announce that Richardson GMP has once again earned its CEFEX certification. Our certification details can be found by visiting