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Creating wealth — for today and tomorrow

As a successful business owner, you know objectives can shift with each stage of your business growth. Perhaps your current goal is to continue growing the business for years to come. Perhaps you are thinking of putting a succession plan in place for the future. Or perhaps you're ready to sell or otherwise exit the business in the near-term.

Solutions that suit your needs

No matter what your goals, we can help you lay a solid foundation to maximize and preserve the wealth you are generating. We can show you how to:

  • Maximize the future value of the wealth you realize from your business.
  • Plan appropriately for retirement.
  • Structure a plan to make your money last for as long as you need it.
  • Put an effective succession plan into place to transition the business in the future.
  • Mnimize the tax implications of a sale so you can retain as much of the proceeds as possible.
  • Determine how to invest the proceeds from the sale so you get the financial future you want.
  • Plan for the wealth impact of a sale on both you and your family.
  • Guide you to set up any endowments or philanthropic foundations to meet your charitable giving goals.

Case Study: The sale of a business

The story

Steve and Cindy owned a large, successful family business they had built themselves. The business had been a source of prosperity for their whole family for many years. As they were nearing retirement, a strategic buyer approached them – and they decided to sell. They got a fair price for their business and thought they had secured themselves a comfortable retirement.

The issue

It wasn’t long before they realized that “the goose that laid the golden egg” was gone. They still had $20 million in the bank, but had no regular source of income. Although they had a clear vision of their financial goals — $1 million a year to live on and $20 million to leave to their children — they didn’t know how to make their vision a reality.

The solution

Investments alone would not have accomplished these goals. We took a creative, integrated approach that combined investment and insurance. By taking the intricacies of their unique situation into account and prioritizing their ideal outcome, we were able to develop a plan that would yield the annual income they wanted without depleting their capital. As a result, they now live the lifestyle of their choice while knowing they will leave the legacy they envisioned for their family.

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Richardson GMP was the first investment advisory firm in Canada to earn the Centre for Fiduciary Excellence (CEFEX) certification for our Separately Managed and Portfolio Management Account Platforms. This certification is proof that we do what we promise: place our clients’ interest ahead of all else. In this, we are leading the way for the industry.

We are pleased to announce that Richardson GMP has once again earned its CEFEX certification. Our certification details can be found by visiting