The RichLife

Managing Wealth and Purpose

by Susan Latremoille

'A Rich Life' strikes the perfect balance of wealth and personal fulfillment.

In over 30 years as a financial services professional, author Susan Latremoille has has seen many examples of those who have successfully mastered their relationship with their money and those who have let money master them. She has counselled CEOs, business owners, retirees, professionals, philanthropists, and self-made millionaires.

The Rich Life is filled with compelling ideas and real-life stories that illustrate principles of Live Well, Give Back, and Leave a Legacy. This book will help you discover ways to let your money make a real difference in your life.

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"The essence of a rich life is to live well, give back and leave a legacy."

It's Not Just About The Money

by Susan Latremoille

Susan Latremoille shares some of the secrets she has discovered in 30 years of helping individuals and families achieve the full potential of their wealth, including:

  • What most people do not know about the investment industry and their own investment advisors
  • What it takes to manage your own money, and how you can own your financial success
  • What business owners need to know now about succession planning
  • Women’s biggest financial fears and how to overcome them
  • Why inheritance can be a double-edged sword
  • How to plan for a successful and satisfying retirement

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"There are many things people don't know about the industry and their financial advisor."
"I finished your second book earlier this morning. Very nicely done. Good balance of sharing valuable experience and tastefully promoting services. Definitely highlights teamwork you value so highly. Thanks again for sharing this with me." — DS

On the Shoulders of Atlas

A Story About Transitioning a Family-Owned Business

by Susan Latremoille

After a lifetime of success, Victor Banks faces his toughest challenge yet — what to do with Atlas?

Victor has spent the last 40 years building his company and now it’s time to pass the reins to someone else.

Who will carry on? Should he sell the company or keep it in the family?

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"I invested my life in my business — how do I invest the proceeds?"

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