Celebrating a great 2015 investment year

Ken MacNeal’s clients were UP almost 9% when the TSE recently fell to a bear market low, down 20%.  This 29% outperformance was even more impressive in Alberta, where energy stocks failed miserably.  

As reported in the Globe and Mail, Ken and his clients celebrated with champagne brunch atop the Calgary Tower. This was the third time they celebrated there following market crashes.  The Globe & Mail was also there to report on missing the stock market crashes of 2000 and 2008.  

The success was due to a results based strategy built for today’s markets. By following academically sound principles, truly heeding expert opinion and moving when the outlook changes, Ken undertakes to  provide outstanding results for his clients.

Ken strongly believes that in 2016 and going forward, knowledge and experience will count more than ever.  As the world changes, he will endeavour  to keep his clients profiting while avoiding trouble. 

Ken MacNeal is committed to helping as many Canadian investors as possible in this critical time. Ken is accepting new clients!

Call Ken to discuss your specific requirements - 403-607-5628.

Here is the Globe & Mail article:

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