Our investment philosophy

We build diversified client portfolios that may include options strategies and high yield bonds. We work closely with money managers, especially those who run market neutral or absolute return strategies. We have followed many of these managers for over 30 years since our days on trading desks and in the institutional environment. We invest our own money in the same positions and with managers that we recommend to clients.

Our passion is making money for clients by getting into a sector earlier than others and buying undervalued and unrecognized positions. Drawing on Jim’s 20 years of experience on an institutional trading desk, we continue to be a conduit and purveyor of the best value added research and trading ideas that outperform most benchmarks.

We use a strong fundamental approach with an overlay of technical analysis, which assists in the timing of our buy and sell decisions. Since the market crash of 2008, we have become big proponents of point and figure analysis. For this we use Dorsey Wright and the technical analysis provided by GMP Securities.

We meet several times a week with senior management of publically listed and private companies and speak extensively with GMP Securities research analysts and other industry experts. This provides us with a constant flow of new ideas. Our main emphasis is on entrepreneurial companies; most are smaller in market capitalization than the TSX 60.

When trading orders on behalf of clients, our experienced execution skills often add substantial value.

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