Wealth Tax & Estate Planning

  • Tax and financial planning:  Net worth and cash flow projections; income splitting opportunities; use of tax planning vehicles, cross-border tax issues; tax-loss selling; capital gains exemptions/deferral; professional incorporation; principal residence exemption.
  • Retirement plans, pensions plans, and income funding:  Financial projections; comparing pension alternatives; identifying capital requirements to retire early; timing of pension receipts; CPP/QPP and OAS planning; retirement residence planning
  • Estate planning and wealth protection:  Will planning; choosing an executor; planning for elder care; minimizing estate conflicts; use of Lifetime (Inter-Vivos) or Testamentary Trusts; tax minimization.
  • Insurance solutions for personal and business:  Risk management; estate preservation, tax-efficient alternative investments; living benefits; also includes a detailed policy review; new business management; life, disability, long term care, and critical illness insurance.
  • Succession planning for business and property:  Technical issues regarding business successions (estate freeze, sale of assets vs. shares, shareholder agreements); family governance structures, separating family/ownership/management.