Families and Individuals

Our clients enjoy the advantages of a leading, well-capitalized firm that shares our personal commitment to client focus and customized service. At Richardson GMP, we can provide truly sophisticated resources and objective advice free of prescriptive platforms. 

Here are the key principles of our practice:

  • Client focus.Our priority is our clients’ interests. We act with fiduciary integrity and put our clients’ interests before those of our firm or ourselves at all times.
  • Thorough needs discovery. By asking relevant questions and most importantly listening to the answers prospective clients provide, we ensure our recommendations add value.
  • A coordinated approach to managing wealth. Deriving the right plan to meet current and future needs is usually more important over time than the specific investments we select. Drawing from experience in a wide variety of disciplines, we craft co-ordinated wealth strategies that are important to business owners, corporate executives and professionals.
  • A focus on combining personal and corporate wealth management. Many of our clients are business owners and we manage both their personal and corporate investments and financial planning. Ask us how to structure your wealth tax-effectively, plan tax-wise estate and succession plans, set up an Individual Pension Plan for your retirement, and more.
  • High net worth thinking. As successful investors, managing other families’ wealth is never a hypothetical exercise, but a serious undertaking mindful of risk.
  • Active investment management and rigorous risk management. Our objective is to achieve consistent absolute returns not driven simply by the direction of market indexes.
  • Aligning interests. By assessing a flat management fee to clients based on their mandate, our compensation only increases as do your market values, or suffers on any declines.
  • Tax-effective solutions. We structure portfolios of high-quality, dividend-oriented, multinational companies to generate tax-advantaged investment income with the potential for measured capital appreciation over time. Richardson GMP provides the necessary research support and commitment for this investment mandate. Trusts can also help you spread out your income over multiple parties to mitigate your tax burden. This strategy is of particular interest to households or companies with assets of two million dollars or more.
  • Service excellence. We make ourselves available for regular contact via email, telephone conferences and meetings on a quarterly or semi-annual basis, depending on clients’ desires and time pressures. We also hold client events and seminars. Every client receives a portfolio package showing their individual holdings, investment performance with relevant benchmark indices, and all transaction activity. In addition, all clients are able to monitor their portfolio values and activity online via our online account access. We also provide comprehensive tax reporting to assist clients in preparing their tax returns.
  • Risk management. We design tax-effective portfolios using loss limits, sell discipline and portfolio diversification, and other strategies such as options, currency or market hedges, alternative structures, and creeping stop-losses to prevent loss of capital. We are devoted to strategic rebalancing to address the investment climate.