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We regularly host events on topics such as retirement planning, tax planning, and investment planning.  Check back here for updates.  To find out more about our investment and financial planning events, or to invite us to speak at your group or event, please contact us directly.


Introducing the Kensington Private Equity Fund

  • What is Private Equity?
  • How is Private Equity different than buying public companies?
  • Why are institutional investors and large pension plans are increasing their investments in Private Equity?
  • Can individual investors access Private Equity?
  • How Private Equity can provide greater performance, less risk, lower volatility and increased diversification for your portfolio?

The Kensington Private Equity Fund avoids short-term public equity market swings while unlocking the growth potential of its underlying private investment.

Special Guest Speaker: Eamonn McConnell, Managing Director and Chief Investment Officer, Kensington

Date: Wednesday, March 4th, 2020

Time: 12:00pm

Location: 40 WESTT Steakhouse & Bar; 2305 TransCanada Hwy, Pointe-Clare, QC H9R 5Z5

RSVP: Please RSVP to Anna.Poblador@RichardsonGMP.com or 514-981-5796

***Seating is limited.  Please contact us to reserve.  The event is for accredited investors (see below)***

The accredited investor exemption

Who qualifies as an accredited investor?

  • An individual who, alone or together with a spouse, owns financial assets worth more than $1 million before taxes but net of related liabilities or
  • An individual, who alone or together with a spouse, has net assets of at least $5,000,000.
  • An individual whose net income before taxes exceeded $200,000 in both of the last two years and who expects to maintain at least the same level of income this year; or
  • An individual whose net income before taxes, combined with that of a spouse, exceeded $300,000 in both of the last two years and who expects to maintain at least the same level of income this year
  • An individual who currently is, or once was, a registered adviser or dealer, other than a limited market dealer

The law assumes that accredited investors do not need the protections offered by a prospectus because they can:
(a) get and analyze the information needed to assess an investment without a prospectus; and
(b) handle the loss of their entire investment, if things go wrong.

Note that an accredited investor must purchase the securities as "principal." This means the investor must be purchasing for him or herself, rather than for another person.