Dustin Van Der Hout
Portfolio Manager
Tel: 416.512.3698

Throughout the downturn and recovery of 2008, Dustin Van Der Hout was a Research Analyst at Gabelli Asset Management in New York, one of the most respected research-driven firms in the U.S. During this trial by fire, he learned many important skills and gained access to exclusive resources. Working directly with Mario Gabelli, Dustin learned first-hand how to advise sophisticated, high net worth investors who demand investment acumen. Dustin worked directly with some of the top portfolio managers in U.S. and Canada suggesting individual equity ideas to be added to their portfolios. He worked with and supported these portfolio managers as they conducted their own due diligence to determine if these ideas were a top idea for their fund.

After years of communicating with C-level executives, attending industry conferences, using advanced databases, reading diverse research reports and consulting with many experienced Portfolio Managers across North America, Dustin began advising private clients in his hometown of Toronto. There, he began to introduce pension fund-quality investment solutions to business owners, professionals and their families while starting a family of his own.

Today, Dustin preserves and enhances his clients’ wealth and crafts financial plans to preserve it for generations. His focus is on broad diversification, active management, value investing, alternative investments and low-volatility portfolios. He can assist you whether you seek exciting ideas to meet your growth objectives or simply need a portfolio that provides a steady stream of reliable income. Dustin also facilitates thought leadership and fraternal sharing by hosting his own investor conferences and publishing articles and newsletters.

Dustin enjoys spending time with his wife and two young daughters, loves to golf and ski, and avidly reads books on finance and history.