Dustin Van Der Hout
Portfolio Manager
Tel: 416.512.3698

Dustin Van Der Hout’s ability to identify overlooked opportunities in the alternatives space and differentiated approach to value investing is the foundation of Van Der Hout Associates Wealth Management’s practice. Throughout the downturn and recovery of 2008, Dustin was a Research Analyst at Gabelli Asset Management in New York, one of the most respected research-driven firms in the U.S. Working directly with Mario Gabelli, Dustin learned how to advise sophisticated, high net worth investors who demanded investment acumen. He went on to work alongside top Portfolio Managers across North America developing unique strategies and source individual equity ideas.

After years of communicating with C-level executives, attending industry conferences, and reading through diverse research reports, Dustin was driven in 2011 to start a practice advising private clients in his hometown, Toronto, and building his own team. There, he began to introduce pension fund style investment solutions to business owners, professionals and their families while starting a family of his own. He quickly became recognized as one of their fastest growing advisors.

Since joining Richardson GMP in 2015, Dustin has more than tripled his assets under management and added three team members. He’s continued his reputation as a valued and fast-growing advisor. Dustin has found a niche in value investing and analyzing alternative investments, working with a wide array of clients to meet their wealth goals through broad diversification, active management, and low-volatility portfolios. He also displays thought leadership through published articles, newsletters, and major publications.

Dustin enjoys spending time with his wife, their two young daughters and their sun. An avid reader, he devours books on history and finance and makes time to golf and ski.

Mabelle Tavares
Associate Investment Advisor
Tel: 416.512.3661

Mabelle Tavares is essentially Van Der Hout Associates Wealth Management’s Chief Operating Officer, leading strategic projects and financial planning processes. She liaises directly with clients, taking the time to understand their unique goals, needs, and appetite for risk. Her attention to detail is paramount to the firm’s success.

With over a decade of experience in the financial services realm, Mabelle met Dustin while working as an Associate at RBC Dominion Securities. Mabelle moved to Fidelity Investments to take a role as a Private Investments and Institutional Operations Specialist. In 2017, seeing the growth of Van Der Hout Associates Wealth Management was predicated on people like Mabelle, Dustin invited her to join his team. She agreed, heading up operations while growing her own base of high net-worth clients and professionals.

In addition to being a Licensed Associate Advisor, she has an FPSC Level 1 certification through the Financial Planning Standards Council. Mabelle received a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Toronto.

Mabelle lives in Mississauga with her husband Marc, and their young daughter, Giselle. She devotes her spare time to her family and friends, cycling, and mastering her culinary skills.

Elina Surkov
Associate Investment Advisor
Tel: 416.512.3696

In her role as an Associate Investment Advisor, Elina Surkov leads research and analysis for the Van Der Hout Associates Wealth Management team. On the business development front, Elina focuses on relationship building and ensuring new clients experience the same level of service as the practice’s larger accounts and family offices receive.

Elina grew up and completed her education in France, obtaining both her Bachelor’s of Finance and her MBA from the prestigious ESLSCA (École Supérieure Libre des Sciences Commerciales Appliquées) in Paris. Subsequently, Elina was invited to attend the EDHEC Business School (Ecole des Hautes Etudes Commerciales du Nord), one of the top schools in Europe, and named one of the top three financial schools worldwide by the Financial Times in 2018, for a Master’s degree in Financial Markets, specializing in Asset Management. She went on to work for Société Générale Private Banking in Monaco, both in investments and in a client facing role working with high net worth individuals before transitioning to managing a family office.

After moving from France to Canada, she worked in Business Development at Ewing Morris & Co. Investment Partners, before joining the Van Der Hout Associates Wealth Management team.

Elina stays active outside of the office, skiing, snowboarding or playing squash in the winter and spending her summers sailing, playing tennis, or scuba diving. She’s a member of the Royal Canadian Yacht Club. Elina is trilingual, speaking Russian, French, and English.

Keltie Forbes
Associate Investment Advisor
Tel: 416.512.3669

As an Associate Investment Advisor, Keltie Forbes has played an integral role in Van Der Hout Associates Wealth Management’s evolution from entrepreneurial upstart to a leader in the alternatives investing niche with a growing amount of assets under management.

Tracing a unique path, Keltie got her start in the publishing world, working on personal finance books, before pivoting to financial services to pursue her fascination with the sphere. She’s since built 15 years experience in the industry. Prior to Richardson GMP, she worked as an associate with Aon Hewitt’s Investment Consulting Practice, providing guidance on defined benefit and contribution pension plans, as well as endowments and trusts.

Drawn to Dustin’s enthusiasm as he launched his own practice, Keltie joined Van Der Hout Associates Wealth Management in 2015, tackling everything from administrative tasks, trading and allocation, to marketing and assisting clients. In addition to being licensed to offer advice, Keltie has a B.A. Honours in English Language and Literature from Carleton University and a Book and Magazine Publishing Diploma from Centennial College.

Her time outside of the office is devoted to travelling with her family – often to soccer games in Europe – cycling, reading, and listening to podcasts.