Dealing with Divorce/Widows


Clients dealing with divorce or the death of a loved one often ask me, “How do you understand so well what I’m going through?”
The answer is simple: Because I’ve been there.

Having personally experienced both divorce and the death of my fiancé, I appreciate what a vulnerable time this can be. When clients ask if they are going to be ok, I know they’re not simply wondering what they will and won’t be able to afford. They want to feel safe and secure again.

Addressing financial matters during periods of grief and upheaval isn’t easy, but these are precisely the times when it’s crucial to get your financial plan in order. And finding someone you can trust to take control of your financial affairs can be a challenge. Bank advisors, for instance, are unlikely to have the expertise or resources to provide objective, specialized advice on tax strategies, cash flow and portfolio management and legacy planning.

I help widows or widowers and people going through a divorce take control of their financial situation by relating to them with empathy and compassion while drawing on twenty years of professional experience to provide the financial clarity they need. Working together, we’ll develop a comprehensive financial plan designed to protect your security and cash flow needs in a tax-efficient manner – so you can move forward with your life with confidence.