The Importance of Family Governance

The old saying "Shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in three generations" means family wealth that's built by the first generation is eroded or even destroyed by the third generation, which squanders the assets it inherits through reckless spending, poor investment decisions and other mistakes.  Read more

How to Help Parents and Yourself Live Better at 80, 90 and Beyond

They say we get wiser as we get older, but let's face it:  Many new uncertainties and challenges can crop up as people get deeper into their golden years.  Read more

Don't Leap Before You Look

When people are confronted with adversity, opportunity or both, they often react quickly-with the intention of dealing with the situation rapidly and moving forward.  Read more

It's Time to Get Serious About Your Happiness

There's a great quote by Jean-Paul Sartre:  "We are our choices."  When it comes to our happiness and our overall success in life, that's truer than you might have realized.  Read more

Insightful Questions That Can Ramp Up Your Success

Want to see some amazing results in your life? 

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The Super Rich's Three Big Fears and How They Work to Overcome Them

Significant wealth can reduce many of life's trouble but it can't eliminate them entirely.  Even the richest among us have fears.

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How Playing the Long Game Could Help Build Wealth and Success

Many extremely wealthy people have a much better handle than others on a key concept of success:  the long game.

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Four Ways the Super Rich Manage Their Wealth

The self-made Super Rich - people with a net worth of at least $500 million that they built through their own hard work - often posses a treasure trove of knowledge, insights and actionable strategies that the rest of us can adopt in our own lives to enhance our success.

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Three Questions to Answer Before You Purchase Life Insurance

Life insurance can be an extremely important, even essential, part of your financial plan.  

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Savvy negotiating:  To get the moon, ask for the stars

One key way to build serious wealth - whether in a business or your everyday life - is to effectively and consistently negotiate deals that are good for you and your bottom line.

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