Savvy negotiating:  To get the moon, ask for the stars

One key way to build serious wealth - whether in a business or your everyday life - is to effectively and consistently negotiate deals that are good for you and your bottom line.

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Peace, love and understanding:  Help your heirs see eye-to-eye about family wealth

Leaving money to heirs can be a tough road to navigate even under the best conditions, when family members are few and they all get along well. 

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What's your high-net-worth personality?

As a successful person with big goals, you require truly valuable financial advice that maximizes your ability to achieve your most important personal and professional financial objectives.

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What to do when your doctor has bad news

It's what no one ever wants to hear:  "The test results have come back positive." 

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Sudden wealth:  What should you do if you strike it rich?

If a few million dollars - or more - fell into your lap tomorrow, what would you do?

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The super rich stress test their financial plans - and so should you

The Super Rich (those with a net worth of $500 million or more) who have family offices typically engage a sizable lineup of professional advisors to help them create and implement financial plans.

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The value of multigenerational family meetings

If you’ve amassed sizable wealth, or are on the right path and getting there, it may be time to consider how to pass on some of that money to your children and grandchildren – without creating big problems that could harm their futures and destroy family harmony. Read more