Recommended reading

Stocks For The Long Run
Jeremy Siegel, McGraw-Hill Companies (2002)


The Future For Investors: Why The Tried And The True Triumph Over The Bold And The New 
Jeremy Siegel, Crown Publishing
$ 39.95


The Warren Buffet Way , Second Edition
Robert G. Hagstrom, Wiley (2005)


Investment Valuation. Tools And Techniques For Determining The Value Of Any Asset
Aswath Damodaran, John Wiley & Sons Canada


The Intelligent Investor: The Classic Text On Value
Benjamin Graham, Harper Business (2005)


The New Reality Of Wall Street
Don Coxe, McGraw Hill


One Up On Wall Street
Peter Lynch and John Rothchild, Simon & Schuster


The Essays Of Warren Buffett: Lessons For Corporate America
Warren Buffett and Lawrence A. Cunningham, Cunningham Group (2001)


Winning the Loser’s Game
Charles Ellis, McGraw Hill


The Four Pillars Of Investing
William Bernstein, McGraw Hill


The Millionaire Next Door
Thomas J. Stanley and William Danko, Pocket (1998)


Empire: The Rise And Demise Of The British World Order And The Lessons For Global Power
Niall Ferguson, Zondervan Publishing House


The Dust of Empire: The Race For Mastery In The Asian Heartland
Karl E. Meyer, Public Affairs