Take the Millionaire Test

Will you make the grade?


1. One should live…

a) at ones means

b) below ones means

c) above ones means


2. One should pay….

a) your debt first

b) your expenses first

c) yourself first


3. Which education is most valuable?

a) self-taught and experience

b) University

c) Trade


4. One should start saving and investing…

a) when you have extra money

b) after your debt is paid

c) as early and often as you can


5. To build wealth one needs to…

a) hit a home run

b) be conservative and steady

c) take a lot of risk


6. The best strategy regarding a car is to…

a) buy new

b) buy used

c) lease


7. Regarding debt - one should…

a) borrow as much as you can

b) pay it off quickly

c) never borrow



Answers : b,c,a,c,b,b,b


Your Rankings:

A – 7 correct

B – 6 correct

C – 5 correct

D – 4 or less


If you scored an A or B, congratulations, you're ahead of the pack. If you scored a C or below, you may need to brush up on your financial planning practices.
No matter what your score, there are plenty of great resources out there for you to get a better grip on your finances. I recommend reading The Millionaire Next Door, The Wealthy Barber, The Richest Man in Babylon or seeking out a professional if you are worried that you’re not on the right track. My LinkedIn inbox is always open if you would like to talk more specifically about a certain topic.



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