Reading Analyst Reports: Yes or No

If you invest in stocks you probably read analyst reports. Or at least you probably read summaries pulled from these reports in the financial press, right? So the question is … should you pay any attention to any of these reports?


I answer that question in this week’s Strategy Lab column for the Globe and Mail. It was fun to write this article, which I think contains some thoughts I’ve never put down in writing before. I’ve presented some of this material to MBA classes when guest lecturing, but I’ve never written about it.


If you’re not familiar with my style of investing, I take a very long term focus on stocks. I don’t believe in timing the market or timing individual stocks with one small exception. I do believe it makes sense to enter hiqh quality stocks when everyone is freaking out over small things.


Analyst reports, unfortunately, don’t really help the long term investor very much most of the time. But there are useful aspects to them, which I explain in my article. Go check it out and tell me what you think.