Update your website

With custom content

Your home page acts as an online billboard and should grab your audience's attention right away. Provide information about you, your practice and how you can help clients and prospects achieve their goals. Keep your audience engaged and encourage them to click through to other pages on your website.

Add keywords into your the copy whenever you can do so naturally. Keywords get picked up by search engines in prominent positions on your website - headers, home page, team page, etc. Keep in mind, search engines will penalize your ranking if you stuff your content with keywords that don't fit in with your website. 

If you want to personalize your website contact your Marketing Account Manager. We can put you in touch with a writer who will work with you to optimize and customize the message your want to get across to your audience.

Your team name

It is critical to include your name and/or your team name in the content and page title (Digital Workspace-> Dashboard & Settings-> Your Pages) of your home page in order to improve SEO performance. If your name or team name does not show up on your home page, other pages on your website (i.e. Meet our team, Contact pages) may show up before your homepage in search results. Do not remove your team from those secondary pages in an attempt at making your homepage appear in the #1 spot on search engines. At the end of the day, you want to do everything to help your audience find you. 

Train arriving, symbolizing timely insights

Revue des marchés


Nos spécialistes de la recherche vous communiquent les tendances et font le point sur les marchés.

11 novembre 2019
L’attention se recentre sur les données fondamentales
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28 octobre 2019
Un processus pour contrer la course au rendement
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Les marchés, commentaire du jour - The Launch Pad (en anglais)

Wooden walkway over windy field

Planification fiscale et successorale


Nos professionnels de la planification fiscale et successorale vous renseignent sur les nouvelles stratégies pour protéger et faire fructifier votre patrimoine.

Août 2019
Une amorce philanthropique
Êtes-vous intéressé à contribuer à des causes ou à des organismes de bienfaisance qui vous tiennent à cœur ? Votre régime de dons de bienfaisance est-il avantageux sur le plan fiscal ? Nous avons décrit quelques considérations principales qui peuvent vous aider à élaborer une stratégie solide de dons de bienfaisance.

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