Portfolio Managed Approach

Discretionary Investment Management

This is a comprehensive investment strategy where you, the client, assigns the day-to-day administration of the portfolio to an accredited Portfolio Manager. You and the Portfolio Manager work together to create, implement, monitor, and continuously refine your personal Investment Policy Statement (IPS)

The IPS helps to outline and formulate the client’s:

  • Investment Objectives & Constraints
  • Risk Tolerance
  • Income & Liquidity Requirements
  • Return Expectation
  • Target Asset Allocation
  • Time Horizon
  • Tax Situation & Preferences

Asset Managed Approach

Non-discretionary, fee-based

This investment program from Richardson GMP allows you to retain control of investment decisions. Predictable fees are based on the value and composition of eligible assets. We provide flexible fee and payment schedules as well as house holding of accounts as required.

This strategy allows you to maintain the day-to-day control of your portfolio and investments while leveraging the strength of the team to assist you in selecting, monitoring and evaluating the individual investments and overall portfolio.

Private Equity

This is an alternative investment vehicle for accredited investors with a long time horizon.  Private equity investments have historically delivered superior returns over the long term and through multiple business cycles.  In addition, it has shown low or negative correlation with other asset classes leading to improved portfolio diversification and therefore lower risk.