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Personal, Family Enterprise, & Corporate Wealth Management

Our extensive and closely integrated, advisory team provides professional wealth management planning and strategies. We have developed and refined a unique process called your “Wealth Flight Plan” (WFP) ensuring accurate planning and effective strategies to meet your goals. Your WFP will integrate wealth management, tax efficiency, risk management, estate planning and incorporate establishing Wills, Powers of Attorney and Personal Directives when appropriate.  The real benefit to clients… a concise, orderly educational experience resulting in an accurate plan and tailored strategies to meet client needs and dreams.  

Once your wealth management planning and ensuing strategic mechanisms are in place, we will print and bind a concise document; “WFP Key Elements”. This document is packed full of your goals, assumptions and strategies with simple definitions and explanations to ensure clarity.

In the event of material changes in your personal/family life or corporation(s), we will accurately update your WFP as soon as we receive the data. Immediately thereafter, strategies will be effectively re-aligned to reflect the material change.*

Strategic partners. We have a network of strategic alliances with accountants, lawyers, banking, estate, insurance, mortgage and other financial experts to simplify our clients’ lives, available as required.

Customized service. We construct and monitor your customized portfolio using the most sophisticated portfolio construction tools; consistently update your data and service programs; regularly schedule preferred-interval portfolio reviews; and regularly communicate to stay on the same financial page, reduces stress and increase performance.  We provide all clients a simple, easy to read, consolidated wealth plan summary.  “Your Key Elements” is printed, bound and delivered to you providing clear, concise information at a glance.

Customized portfolios. Many investors attempt to navigate through the most complex financial skies without a tested, efficient plan. Our team employs a disciplined approach known as the Wealth Flight Plan (WFP) to create a blueprint for constructing your portfolio. It includes asset allocation, portfolio construction and monitoring, targets for expected returns, risk management, and regular reviews in a cost-efficient manner.

Tax-effective investing. Our team, with the assistance of the Tax and Estate Planning Group, has such an aversion to over-paying tax that we have gone out of our way to research little-known and underused tax strategies. Starting with RRSPs, RESPs, TFSAs and Spousal RRSPs we add other tax-efficient vehicles for individuals and corporations. Business owners typically achieve the most significant tax reductions through innovative ideas that integrate their personal and business parameters.

Opportunities for growth-oriented, risk-tolerant investors. We offer new issues/capital markets opportunities through junior company financings, new issues of preferred shares, Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), flow-through shares for tax minimization, and more.


* Personal or family material changes include births, deaths, marriage, divorce, career change, home purchase, inheritance, legal matters among others.

* Corporate material changes may include starting a business, investment for growth, disposition of the business, changes in ownership, family involvement, tax strategies, mergers or acquisitions, sale to employees, among others.