Investment solutions for your financial needs

Customized investment solutions are the cornerstone of our business. We determine your needs, goals and objectives as well as your investment comfort level (risk tolerance) and design and manage a portfolio designed specifically for you.

Your investment solution may be a purely income or cash flow portfolio to send regular income directly to your bank account. Or it may be purely growth oriented, with a wealth objective set for the long term. Perhaps your needs are somewhere in between. Contact us or send us a copy of your investment holdings for a free, no obligation review of your current portfolio.

Our investment philosophy. The investment markets constantly change, but you will be the focal point in our commitment to help you reach your goals. We use a "top-down” approach to determine the intermediate-term tactical adjustment to asset allocation as well as sector and geographic portfolio weightings, analyzing the reward to risk possibilities for each asset class to achieve the ideal risk-adjusted return. In selecting stocks (foreign and domestic) we use a "bottom up" style, which begins with an analysis of securities. We screen thousands daily (both inhouse and through third party service providers) and rank them by criteria required for our models.

We have direct access to multiple institutional fixed income and money market facilities across Canada that allow access to a wider selection of issuers at competitive pricing. Our experience and relationships in these markets help us to serve your fixed income needs.

We use our own model-based portfolios to maximize discipline and consistency, striving in each case to maximize return for the selected level of risk taken.

Insurance. We have a team of specialists who can help with quality advice to assist you when considering how to provide for your loved ones in the event that you become ill or injured, or die unexpectedly. Insurance can also be a wise tax minimization strategy that helps you provide for your retirement lifestyle. An annuity is an investment that you buy to receive a guaranteed income for a set period of time — even for life. Annuities work like life insurance in reverse. With life insurance, you pay a certain amount each month over many years so your loved ones will get a lump sum when you die. With an annuity, you pay a lump sum up front, and get income over many years. Ask us for more information.