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Discretionary portfolio management

Discretionary managed portfolios are offered only by registered portfolio managers. The investment policy statement outlines asset allocation and risk tolerance. Portfolio decisions are made to add value to a portfolio without having to consult the client and worrying about trading costs. Fees are based on the percentage of assets, subject to HST and, in the case of taxable accounts, tax deductible. They are transparent, and typically much lower than the embedded fees charged by mutual funds.

Private clients have direct ownership in individual securities, not units of a pool as with a mutual fund. This removes the risk of incurring an embedded tax gain that belongs to others already invested in the portfolio. This is also significant where shareholder rights are important to a client. In addition to monthly statements, more comprehensive semi-annual performance reports and annual gain/loss statements are also provided. Portfolios are closely monitored and reviewed by our firm’s oversight committee.

The Worth Allaye-Chan portfolios. Our eight portfolios each have a unique mandate and risk profile ranging from Conservative to Aggressive Growth. Their versatility and modular approach enables us to provide an ideal solution for any investor. Our portfolios are available in segregated, fee-based, discretionary accounts. Clients own the individual securities, not units of a pool. Unlike mutual funds, there is no risk of picking up an embedded tax gain that belongs to others already invested.

Institutional clients. We have served government agencies, municipalities, corporations, First Nations, union defense, operating and surplus funds, associations, foundations and charities, LTD Plans, pension plans, not for profit organizations, corporate treasury management, and institutional traders. We have direct access to multiple institutional fixed income and money market facilities across Canada to provide you with timely access to securities at competitive pricing. Let us seek the best rates for you.

Socially Responsible Investing. We have managed Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) screened portfolios for over two decades, uniting the objectives of financial and social well being. Our Canadian SRI Portfolio favours companies that operate in a sustainable manner and uphold high ethical standards towards clean energy, water management, resources optimization, sustainable living, environmental services, and green transport and buildings. The Canadian SRI Portfolio is eligible for institutions, foundations, trusts, not-for-profit organizations, individual RRSPs and RRIFs and is offered in Canadian dollars.