An innovative presence on the Canadian investment landscape

We provide customized investment solutions for individual investors, trusts and estates, institutions, corporations, private foundations and not-for-profit organizations. Our team designs a range of strategies from income generation and wealth preservation to more growth-oriented portfolios. With decades of combined investment industry expertise, we can develop an appropriate investment strategy to suit your goals.

As Portfolio Managers, we utilize all the intricacies of risk management, asset correlation and allocation, and other essential elements of building and managing wealth. We take a global view of investing and seek opportunities wherever they may be. Our thoughtful approach begins with an understanding of your financial picture to provide you with the most suitable advice for your specific circumstances.

We are distinguished by our suite of Worth Allaye-Chan portfolios, distinct strategies each with a unique mandate and risk profile. Where requested by clients, we have provided socially responsible investment solutions for nearly two decades – among the first Canadian portfolio management teams to do so. Whatever your needs may be, we put forward a truly comprehensive service offering and client-focused experience.

Innovation. It’s what has always defined our team and cemented our reputation as a market leader. On this website we pay homage to forward thinking architectural landmarks including the Vancouver Library. We are inspired by their imagination and by their architects who set new standards of achievement in their discipline. We share their entrepreneurial spirit, and—above all else—celebrate their drive to shatter conventions and redefine boundaries.