The Investment Industry is changing

Working with an advisor adds 1.6% to 3% in annual returns — could bring you 22% more retirement income.

We believe that our clients achieve larger returns over time than those managing their own investments. A new independent study sponsored by Vanguard indicates that a full market cycle return could be as much as 3% higher for individuals using Investment Advisors.1 A Morningstar report concluded that using an Advisor could increase returns by 1.6%, adding as much as 22% in additional retirement income.2 Several reasons how we help you achieve higher returns include:


  • We counsel clients to take a long-term approach rather than making short-sighted moves based on current market conditions. Financial discipline can help you attain your financial goals. We avoid emotional investing by staying with a long-term plan, while providing the flexibility to change course if your personal situation changes.
  • We can add value by properly allocating assets. We place less-tax-advantaged asset classes in tax-deferred accounts and tax-efficient asset classes in taxable accounts to add value.
  • We can lower your costs by trading efficiently and using low-cost, institutional mutual funds.
  • We rebalance your portfolio. We monitor your allocations and trade whenever they are outside a predetermined range.
  • We add value during the “spend-down” phase of your investment plan. A solid withdrawal strategy can increase returns and help you achieve peace of mind. Our portfolios help give you the downside protection you need for the short and medium term, while helping you beat inflation over the long-term.


1. Francis M. Kinniry Jr., Colleen M. Jaconetti, Michael A. DiJoseph,and Yan Zilbering, “Putting a Value on Your Value: Quantifying Vanguard Advisor’s Alpha,” Vanguard Research, March 2014.

David Blanchett and Paul Kaplin, “Alpha, Beta, and Now… Gamma,” Morningstar Investment Management, August 28, 2013.




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