At The Stevenson Vooys Group, we follow a disciplined investment strategy based upon many years of academic research in financial and market theory to help our clients meet their financial goals. We believe that your investments should not run your life, but instead, help you live it.

Our approach

1. Markets work.

All the information we need is reflected in the price of a stock or bond. The markets also reflect investor expectations about future prospects of traded securities.

2. Risk and return are related.

Our structured portfolios minimize risk by investing in both small-cap and value asset classes. By expanding globally, and utilizing size and value assets, above-market returns can be achieved.

3. Manage risk and moderate volatility.

There are two important methods to manage risk and moderate volatility: adding fixed income and diversifying globally across thousands of securities in the US. and overseas countries.

4. Structured investing.

Structured investing, through a balanced portfolio, helps individuals achieve their long-term financial goals and manage the emotions of investing.

5. Costs must be transparent.

Fees should not be hidden as they have an effect on your return. We discuss each investment with you so that you know and understand the costs.