Richardson GMP embraces fiduciary excellence

First wealth management firm in Canada to earn Centre for Fiduciary Excellence Certification as an Investment Advisory firm

"By standing up and saying that we’re willing to be held to a higher standard, we are demonstrating that we are leaders in the business of wealth management. We take our professional standards very seriously. In these times, when clients are having difficulty knowing what and whom to trust, they can feel confident that at Richardson GMP trust is synonymous with the work that we do.”  

Andrew Marsh
President & CEO
Richardson GMP Limited

At Richardson GMP, we aspire to achieve the highest standards of integrity, transparency and best practices in managing the wealth of our clients. There has never been a time in the financial industry where wealth management firms must work more diligently to earn clients’ trust. Countries such as Great Britain, Australia and the U.S. are proactively pursuing fiduciary standards of care. In stride, Richardson GMP has taken a leadership position in Canada and signaled to the industry it’s commitment in setting standards and best practices for the firm while providing clients with a true strategic partner and fiduciary.

Richardson GMP – setting the standard for excellence

This esteemed annual certification program ensures that Richardson GMP’s Portfolio Management Account platform for those advisors who have complete control over investment decisions for their clients and the firm’s Separately Managed Account platform conform to the global fiduciary standards of excellence. Richardson GMP is the first Canadian firm to achieve designation.

By undertaking a voluntary certification by the Centre for Fiduciary Excellence (CEFEX) as Richardson GMP has done, and having an ongoing, independent, third-party, rigorous assessment process to audit our practices, clients can feel confident that the trust they are placing in our firm is warranted.


The Centre for Fiduciary Excellence (CEFEX)

CEFEX is an independent investment standards organization based in Toronto, ON and Pittsburgh, PA which certifies companies for conforming to the highest fiduciary practice standards in the world. It works closely with investment fiduciaries and industry experts to provide comprehensive assessment programs to improve risk management for institutional and retail investors. The CEFEX certification also helps determine the trustworthiness of investment fiduciaries by conducting in-depth audits and assessments of firms based on global international ISO standards.

CEFEX website:


CEFEX certification process

To achieve CEFEX certification, an Investment Advisory firm must demonstrate adherence to fiduciary precepts, under the scrutiny of specialist fiduciary auditors. The certification process involves a detailed assessment of operational data and procedures, followed by on-site interviews with key personnel. All aspects of the investment advisory and management process as well as appropriate documentation are examined by the fiduciary assessor on an annual basis, much like accounting auditors, to ensure that approved processes are established and being followed. 


Culture of fiduciary awareness

Driven by a culture of fiduciary awareness, Richardson GMP has demonstrated its adherence to a Standard of Excellence reflecting the industry’s best fiduciary practices, and will continue to uphold its management and Investment Advisor teams to consistently perform in clients’ best interests.