Our services

Collaboration and client focus

We manage all our client’s portfolios through our Risk Management and Portfolio Construction Committee. Rory and Tim are collectively responsible for portfolio construction, performing due diligence, selecting and monitoring investment positions, and setting strategic and tactical asset allocation.

Services. We consider all aspects of your financial planning, tax-effective investing, insurance and business planning, multi-generational wealth transfer, and asset conservation, identifying the risks faced by ultra-high net worth families and helping them invest tax-consciously. We perform our own independent due diligence and research and take advantage of Richardson GMP’s internal analysts and external partners.

Wealth Management costs with full, advance disclosure. Depending on your preferences, our compensation can range from an asset-based portfolio management fee for full discretionary management (we have your permission to make decisions on your behalf), to an asset-based advisory fee for advised portfolios (you have a hand in the decisions). We can also charge hourly consulting fees if you do not have an investment account with us. 

Adding value. Mitigating tax is key to our affluent clientele and a specialty of ours. We make your portfolio as tax-efficient as possible through astute investing and divesting. We seek tax-efficient, yield-based fixed income investments that earn income in the form of deferred capital gains or return of capital. We liaise with your tax accountant and other advisors to ensure that your tax burden is reduced to the fullest extent every year.

Alternative investments. Best-in-class alternative investments introduce a return profile that is uncorrelated to traditional investments like stocks and bonds. They include market neutral and long/short hedge funds, limited partnerships for private real estate, and other such alternative investments. We have found that these investments provide a valuable diversification effect, which reduces portfolio volatility in times of stress.

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