November Remembers
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Published by Robert McLean on Nov 11, 2019

November 2019 Global markets look poised to finish the year strongly. While recent quarterly earnings met subdued expectations, optimism that trade and central bank policy will reinvigorate global growth remains. As we head into the final quarter we remain... Continue reading
Oh Canada

Published by Robert McLean on Jul 03, 2019

Canada Day, The 2019 Election, Financial Literacy, In the Shopping Cart & Our Summer Reading List... Continue reading
April's Fools

Published by Robert McLean on Apr 05, 2019

April Fools, Financial Spring Cleaning, In the Shopping Cart and the Buzz with the Bees... Continue reading
Marching Along

Published by Nevin Chernick on Mar 08, 2019

We are barely two months into the new year and already 2019 is shaping up to be of historical significance.... Continue reading
Frozen Berries and Februarys

Published by Nevin Chernick on Mar 08, 2019

As Canada is treated to an icy polar vortex, the markets are warming up to a temperate recovery from the chills of the past few months. The business cycle is showing its resilience as earnings are averaging close to expectations.... Continue reading