Our processes

Financial Planning Only Approach


Financial Planning & Investment Approach

Establish the goals and objectives of the client and determine that there is a need to engage in a comprehensive financial planning process.
If at the end of the Financial Planning process the client wants us to review his or her current investment strategy we will then begin the process of collecting all relevant investment statements.
Collect all relevant data such as savings levels, incomes, household budget, group pensions and investments, real estate holdings, mortgage and related debt and short and long term goals.
Once we have reviewed the investment statements, we will create a tailored investment plan that reviews the client’s current asset mix, returns, fees and level of risk. The plan will then outline our recommended portfolio and display the suggested asset mix, yield, historical rate of return, expenses and rationale behind our recommended changes.
Create the Financial Plan to address current savings levels, future income needs, taxation in retirement, future OAS, CPP and possible defined pension benefits and expected long-term rates of return.
If the client agrees to move their investments to our management, we will set up a separate meeting to complete all relevant paperwork and transfer arrangements. In the event the client meets a certain level of investible assets, we will agree to waive the original fee for the Financial Plan.
Present the Financial Plan live in our Burlington Boardroom. This presentation format allows for real time adjustments and the creation of additional scenarios that help the client understand all of their planning options. We then bind the plan and related materials on site leaving the client with a real sense that they have the blueprint required to plan for their retirement.
Once all assets have transferred in, we implement the agreed upon Investment Plan and set up on-line access for the client. The investment plan is reviewed at each meeting to ensure that it is still supporting the long term goals of the financial plan. Each investment position is reviewed to ensure a reasonable rate of return is being received given the amount of risk and market conditions.


Our Service Guarantee

Once you become a client with the McGrath Tenpenny Wealth Management Group, we guarantee to meet with you at minimum 3 times a year to review your Investment Portfolio and Financial Plan. We also offer comprehensive on-line access to your accounts and guarantee same day turnaround time with respect to responding to any questions you may have. Our goal is to work with our clients for many years and only by offering excellent service will we earn the right to a long-term Client/Advisor relationship!