The objective of the Phillips Fortress Supermova Tactical Strategy is to provide long-term capital appreciation through investments in publically listed Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs). The strategy uses a rotation strategy that aims to position the portfolio in small cap growth ETFs during periods of economic growth acceleration. When the strategy identifies that economic growth is slowing the allocation switches to defensive sectors or long-term bonds dependant on the severity of the economic slowdown.


Growth of $100,000 invested since June 10th, 2014

Annual Compound Returns 3 Months 1 Year Inception**

Portfolio (Returns in US $)

3.97 -2.31 4.48

Portfolio (Returns in CAD $)

7.92 -2.05 13.92

** Inception June 10th, 2014

Richardson GMP Limited, Member Canadian Investor Protection Fund. Richardson is a trade-mark of James Richardson & Sons, Limited. GMP is a registered trade-mark of GMP Securities L.P. Both used under license by Richardson GMP Limited. Performance returns are as of July 31, 2016 and are based on an actual representative account. Please note that past performance is not necessarily an indicator of future performance. The indicated rates of return are gross of fees and/or commissions. Individual results of client portfolios may differ from that of the representative portfolio as fees may differ, and performance of specific accounts is based on specific account investiture. The noted representative portfolio may not be appropriate for all investors.


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