What our clients have to say!

"I have been with Matthew and his team from day one and have always been impressed with their professionalism. They always provide the personal touch and take a genuine interest in you through regular meetings, updates and scheduled seminars. If you would like someone who is very knowledgeable, easy to communicate with and speaks a language you can understand, then I would highly recommend Matthew." - George


“To be able to have a successful business team, members must work well together. The diversity of the Phillips Wealth Management team shows a cohesive, multifunctional, forward thinking group. Our world of late has been much like a carnival ride out of control. I have never lost confidence in the team that handles my portfolio as they face the financial world with diligence, hard work and dedication. Thanks to Matthew, Renee, Krista, Cory and Dave.” - Lee


"Matt Phillips and Richardson GMP use thoughtful market analysis and insight to proactively predict and outperform the market. I am glad I chose him to invest for my future and would recommend him to others."  - Chris


"I reviewed the recent update on my investments and was surprised and relieved to see that the bottom line had risen significantly. I am certain that this reflects the time, effort and expertise that you and your team bring to your work everyday, pandemic notwithstanding.

As we have discussed, I am not a knowledgeable investor and so I leave that aspect of my life in your hands. I have never been disappointed. You and your team are exceptionally welcoming at the office and helpful with any questions or detail changes I have from time to time. You have always been very patient with your detailed overview of the growth changes in my investment portfolio. I would be happy to provide your contact information to anyone who is interested in working with a great team to work toward healthy growth in investments." - Lynn


We save you time — the most valuable currency.

People often say that time is money; but it takes time to make money. You might think that people who have lots of money have lots of time, but too often, affluent people spend a lot of their time managing (or worrying about) their money. And, of course, those who wish to be affluent spend their time making money.

In reality, even the most affluent among us want more of both time and money. That’s where Phillips Wealth Management Group can help.

Matthew Phillips has been in the financial services industry since 1989 and holds a very special industry accreditation: he is a Portfolio Manager. This means that he can help you to grow and preserve your money while saving you from spending the time that is required to formulate, implement and approve astute investment decisions.

Matthew has spent extra time and money to acquire the skills and qualifications to offer discretionary portfolio management. This not only sets him apart from most of his peers, it also makes the most of your time and money.

Time and money are alike in that it’s not just what you have that counts — it’s also how you choose to use them. Invest a few minutes to explore our site or contact us to learn how we’re different. Our goal is to help people have enough money to do what really matters in their life.  

We assure you, it will be time well spent.

Top 5 Reasons for working with Phillips Wealth Management Group

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Train arriving, symbolizing timely insights

Market research


Get the latest market insights and trends from our internal research experts.

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Tax & Estate Planning


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Train arriving, symbolizing timely insights

Fiduciary excellence


Richardson GMP is now the first wealth management firm in Canada to earn Centre for Fiduciary Excellence Certification as an Investment Advisory Firm.