Our vision

Individualized financial solutions

As your Investment Advisor, Mathew Froggatt offers individual financial plans that are custom-tailored to meet your specific financial goals and objectives; one size does not fit all.

His successful working relationships with his clients are founded on trust, integrity, communication, and professionalism. As a Richardson GMP Investment Advisor, his success can only be achieved through your success.  

Investment process

Step 1: Gather. Mathew meets with you to gather your personal and family information, ascertain your wealth structure and preferences, and establish and agree upon expected levels of service.

Step 2: Review. Next, he reviews your current investment portfolio and strategy. He also outlines alternative strategies and makes recommendations based on his investment principles. These recommendations will form the central part of this process, and the content of your individual investment plan.

Step 3: Agree. For your feedback and approval, Mathew presents his individualized investment and tax strategies in relation to the Investment Policy Statement (IPS).

Step 4: Implement. Mathew initiates his recommended plans.

Step 5: Rebalance. Daily internal reviews of your account will be conducted. Mathew will monitor the investment plan and consult with you regarding modifications.