Mackie Wealth Group co-sponsors "Flash Boys"

Special luncheon presentation: Thursday, October 16, 2014

Featuring Brad Katsuyama, CEO of IEX (Investors Exchange) and subject of Michael Lewis' "Flash Boys"

Referred to as the most powerful person on the market floor by Michael Lewis, Brad Katsuyama is the subject of Lewis's latest best-seller, Flash Boys: A Wall Street Revolt - one of the most provocative books ever to hit the financial market. The story reveals how the much talked about practice of computerized high-frequency trading (HFT) has allowed certain Wall Street players to work the stock market to their advantage. As the former Head of Electronic Sales & Trading at RBC, Brad Katsuyama noticed the seemingly small discrepancies (often fractions of a penny) that, when compounded, were costing his clients and many other major market players millions of dollars. Brad uncovered the inner-workings of this computerized trading system, and was one of the first to draw attention to a practice that- as Lewis puts it - is"rigging the market". 
Biography Details

Brad was formerly a 12-year employee of the Royal Bank of Canada, where he rose from an Intern to the Global Head of Electronic Sales and Trading.   Brad also held management positions as Head of US Cash Equity Trading, Head of US Hedge Fund Coverage, and Head of US Technology Trading.  Along the way, he spearheaded the development of THOR, a smart-order router that helped clients to combat predatory trading strategies.
Brad has been featured on the cover of the NY Times Magazine and in various other media including The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, CNBC and Institutional Investor.
Brad grew up in Toronto and was awarded the Alumni Gold Medal as the top student in the School of Business and Economics at Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario. He was also a two-time Academic All-Canadian in Football.
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