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Joe Biden and stock market returns
Author: Hilliard MacBeth
A “clean sweep” on November 4 for Joe Biden and the Democrats looks increasingly possible. To get a “clean sweep” Biden would win and... Read more
Tesla beats expectations again
Author: Hilliard MacBeth
This week Tesla’s latest earnings report revealed impressive results. The profit trend continues to improve, with growing auto production... Read more
The second wave of COVID-19
Author: MacBeth Team
Six months after the COVID-19 pandemic started, reports abound of significant increases in cases in some countries. The United Kingdom... Read more
Clean energy wins the race
Author: Hilliard MacBeth
Clean energy investing outperformed stock market averages worldwide over the past year. The investment crowd is piling into investments... Read more
The recession becomes real
Author: Hilliard MacBeth
The Canadian government, the biggest spender of the G7 countries, rushed legislation through Parliament this week that extends an income... Read more

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Cottage succession planning
Has your cottage or vacation property taken on added meaning during the pandemic? We explore one family’s situation and the cost-effective, tax-efficient solution they relied on to ensure their cottage stays within the family for generations.​

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