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Guest post: Bond prices are at a peak
Author: Fraser Betkowski
The standard safe-haven investment in a portfolio has always been fixed income or bonds. While not known for producing larger capital... Read more
Saudi Aramco is a gamble on oil demand
Author: Hilliard MacBeth
The world’s largest company, Saudi Aramco, is proposing to list its shares on the stock exchange in Saudi Arabia. The prospectus issued... Read more
Too much cash can be a good thing
Author: Hilliard MacBeth
Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway is invested in a lot of cash and cash equivalents, about $122 billion in August 2019. Most investment... Read more
IMF warns of slower growth
Author: Hilliard MacBeth
The International Monetary Fund cut its forecast for world economic growth for the fifth straight time this week. The IMF sees growth... Read more
Canada suffers from Dutch disease
Author: Hilliard MacBeth
Canada, like some wealthy countries that receive substantial resource income, suffers from “Dutch disease”, according to some analysts... Read more

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