The Essential Four Ts

What are the Essential Four Ts?

  • Tax

  • Transparency

  • Tolerance

  • Transition planning


These Four Ts represent the ongoing services that we have been bringing to our clients over the years. In general, the more we know about our clients and their goals, the more value we are able to deliver to them.

1. Tax

Although we are not accountants, we feel that our knowledge and experience allows us to recognize both opportunity and exposures when it comes to our clients’ finances and tax efficient investing. We will work with our resources and your accountant to ensure that your investments and personal finances are arranged to minimize or eliminate unnecessary taxation.

2. Transparency

Know what you own and what it cost you to own it. Nobody should work for free and nobody should invest without understanding what the costs are. Some costs make sense while others don’t. We take the time to shed light on your portfolio cost to help you to make sense of what you are paying for and why. Our fees are transparent and we know that all fees are expensive if they are not accompanied by value.

3. Tolerance

Tolerance is not only a measure for comfort with portfolio volatility, but it also relates to tolerance to life events. These life events can range from untimely death and disability to job loss. As a life licensed insurance agent with a strong support team, we help make sure that our clients are properly insured where possible. Insurance planning is a very important part of ensuring financial health for our clients.

4. Transition planning

Intergenerational wealth transition and retirement transition are two of our main focus areas. Using interactive and graphical financial planning software, we are able to create retirement scenarios that allow our clients to financially prepare for retirement. In addition to retirement planning, we work with specialized lawyers and accountants to help clients with corporate transition, estate maximization planning and tax efficient wealth transfer strategies.

In summary

Preserving and growing our clients wealth is the foundationf our day to day activity, but it is our commitment to the Essential Four Ts that sets our practice apart. By focusing on our clients’ overall financial health through the Essential Four Ts, we are able to consistently deliver a high degree of differentiation in a noisy and crowded fi nancial industry.